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The Island Collection thanks you for the business and comradery of the last ten years. Joan is "retiring" from the jewelry business at the end of 2018. It's been a great run and appreciation goes to so many faithful customers. Jewelry continues to be shown at The Art Guild downtown Stillwater through December, 2018. Please stop by to check out the last gorgeous shell pendants and earrings in her line of jewelry. Sincere thanks to everyone!


 Shells      • Corals      • Gems      • Pearls    

About the Designer

Joan Ave'Lallemant Teppen, an international school educator, has lived and worked overseas for many years.  Most recently residing in Indonesia, she began exploring a passion for designing jewelry using fossil coral which has pushed upwards from the ocean floor over millenniums and is now found in the mountains of Indonesia.


Handpicking semi-precious stones from Bangkok Thailand and encasing them in sterling silver was her next venture which resulted in lovely pendants and earrings made from amethyst, citrine, green quartz and peridot.


More recently The Island Collection includes other natural materials from the sea... red coral, mother of pearl, and abalone as well as other interesting and unique shells from the beaches of Java and Bali.


Now residing in Minnesota and South Carolina, Joan continues to design and choose material for her jewelry that is beautiful, sophisticated and lovely to own.


The Island Collection has been featured in several galleries/shops in the Twin Cities - presently in downtown Stillwater at The Art Guild. In addition, she has been featured at shops in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.  Joan attends numerous fairs in the Midwest and the Southeast and enjoys showing her jewelry at private parties and fundraisers.  She can be reached at to be placed on her mailing list.

Joan Ave'Lallemant Teppen


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